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Pain Caused by arthritis

Arthritis is not a single disease. It is a condition that can affect any one or more joints in the body. The term generally refers to joint pain or disease, and the name of the type of arthritis may change based on which part of the body the disease is affecting.

Different kinds of arthritis exist with it’s own causes. Some are caused by age-related conditions, and just the wear and tear of our bodies over time. Others may be caused by infections or an issue with a patient’s immune system beginning to attach tissue at the joints. Treatments can help the symptoms of Arthritis, but it cannot be cured.


  • If you take medication for shoulder pain almost every day, or if the prescribed dose fails to work.
  • Traditional medications fail to help, or have unmanageable side effects.
  • Shoulder pain disrupts daily routine or degrade quality of life.

Our interventional pain specialists can diagnose and treat the cause of your shoulder pain. AVALA Pain offers access to highly-skilled doctors trained to combat shoulder pain.